Arthritis and Rheumatology Consultants medical marijuana information.

The physicians at Arthritis and Rheumatology Consultants are specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune musculoskeletal conditions. Treatments have become very complex and often involve modulation of immune system in various ways. While we understand that many conditions seen in our clinic produce chronic pain the best use of our expertise is treating the underlying condition to try to modulate the source of pain. We are not specifically trained to treat chronic pain.

Pain management has become complex and now is a separate specialty. We are aware of the recent approval of the use of medical marijuana to treat patients that have intractable pain. Strong scientific data regarding the effectiveness and safety of the use of cannabis products to treat chronic pain is lacking. Our compassionate sides understand those of you in chronic pain that might want to pursue this new option. Please be aware, however, that we have unanimously decided NOT to become certified to refer patients for medical cannabis at this time.

Should you opt to try medical marijuana you will need to be seen by a specialist in pain management who is certified to prescribe medical marijuana.