Bone Mineral Density Testing


As part of an evaluation for osteoporosis, measurement of bone mass or bone density has been available at Arthritis and Rheumatology Consultants since 1996. Bone densitometry (BMD) refers to the ability to measure the strength of bone at potential fracture sites and thereby determine bone loss before a fracture may occur. The practice utilizes a state-of-the-art densitometer or DXA scan that allows a variety of calculations to be obtained within a short period of time. Radiation exposure is extremely low, equivalent to 1/10 of a chest x-ray. In addition, our registered radiologic technologist dedicated to BMD will interview patients to obtain a complete history to help assess bone health. The entire appointment will last approximately 30 minutes. Certified physicians read the results and use updated tools to calculate an estimated fracture risk that will subsequently guide treatment recommendations if necessary. Bone density testing is more than just generating a number; it is an accurate scientific tool but one that needs appropriate interpretation.