Infusion Center


In the past 15 years a number of intravenous medications have become available for the treatment of several rheumatologic conditions as well as osteoporosis. A component of Arthritis and Rheumatology Consultants is a dedicated infusion center for the administration of these drugs. Associated with this is a series of introductory classes so that patients can further understand what may occur if one of these medications is recommended by your physician. Scheduling is individualized based on specific needs of the patient and the duration of the infusion; this is variable depending on the medicine being given.

Infusion Infusion

The infusion center itself is a comfortable setting with 15 recliners. One can eat, read, listen to music or just relax while receiving the intravenous treatment. At all times patients are attended to by a dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring nursing staff fully trained to handle both the routine of treatment as well as any potential reactions or emergencies. A physician is always on the premises while infusions are being given. In addition to the above issues our business office will assist as much as possible with any and all insurance questions or problems.